Crimea Nude beaches

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Yalta City Beach is situated near the hotel “Oreanda”. There is an abundance of ridges, fish and plants. It is a perfect place for diving.

Massandrovskiy Beach is the most attended beach in Yalta. There are always a lot of people and entertainment. At your service there are: massage, water bicycles, shower, scooters, water skis, bars, restaurants, billiard, beach beds, aqualungs and hang-gliders. In the evening embankment is illuminated and is accompanied by special light-music lamps. Visiting the beach is free, except VIP sector.
“Wild” Beaches of Au-Dag (Bear Mountain) can compete in beauty with the beaches of Kara-Dag, but they are more miniature. Extremely beautiful beach is the beach of Big Bay. This is the only place in neighborhood where the pebbles are of light color. Abundance of huge stones in shallow water creates perfect conditions for diving and underwater hunting. Divers from all over the Crimea gather here.

Alushta Beaches
Beach of the Health Resort “Utyos” – a huge beach, which is surrounded by the massive green parks that are rich in luxurious deodars and atlas cedars, pines, rare exotic plants and evergreen trees of Crimea – strawberry tree, pistachio tree and other very interesting breeds.
Nude and Tent Beach. It includes two beaches. The fist one consists of huge boulders, where nudists sunbathe in the sunny days. The water here is pure; there are a lot of crabs and small fishes. The second beach is a natural beach with pebbles and gravel, where the tent camp is situated.
Professor Corner – a huge artificial beach under the health resort with concrete embankment.
City Beach. It is situated in the centre of Alushta city. The sand there is very good. It is very overcrowded in July and August.

Feodosia Beaches

The Main Beach of the City is pretty wide. Its sand consists of grinded seashells. It stretches all along the Feodosia coast. There is gentle bottom, rare storms and very constant sunny weather – all these facts make this city very convenient for family rest. Duration of solar shining here in warm time of the year is 1865 hours; it is less than in Sevastopol, but more than in Yalta. Swimming season starts here for adults since 23th of May till 15th of October, for children since 22nd June till 3rd of September.
Koktebel Beaches are real coastal wilderness. Beach consists of grey sand and small gravel. There a lot of huge stones in the sea, so you have to be careful when you are going into the water.
Beaches of Kara Dag – nice grey beaches, consisted of small gravel and multi-colored pebbles.
Sudak Beaches
Main Beach goes along the seafront of Sudak. Its length is 2 km. It consist of small grey gravel and dark grey shale sand which gets hot very fast under the sun. The sea here is rather warm because the bay of Sudak is very shallow and perfectly warmed up by the sun.
Nude Beach is located at the foot of the Bolvan Mountain. Here on huge flat stones the nudes sunbathe.
Noviy Svet Beaches are notable for clear and pure water, soft grey sand in combination with gravel, especially King Beach and the beach of Green Bay.
Sevastopol Beaches
Beach Resort “Summertime” is located in the resort zone of Sevastopol. The beach is divided into 3 parts: 1) deck with braided beach-chairs, coaches and beach beds. In the daytime the deck serves as a place where people sunbathe and in the nighttime it is functioning as a fish restaurant; 2) VIP-places where up to 150 people can be located on a comfortable beach-chairs in the daytime and up to 500 people during disco and festivals in the night; 3) Argo lounge zone is located 25 metres from the sea; it consists of very cosy places. In the morning cottage guests have breakfast here, in the daytime you can find here a shelter from the day heat, in the evening you can have here kalian, in the night you can find here the very comfortable accommodation. The beach resort includes renting beach equipment, a souvenir shop, the rescue team office, parking, shower and toilet, water slides for adults and children, scooters and children playground.
Sunny Beach starts after the concrete wall, which is guarding the Khersonesskiy reserve. The beach is very popular. It is always clean and neat. There are beach-beds and beach-chairs, renting equipment. There are café and canteen near this beach. It consists of tiny pebbles.
Omega Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city. It length is more than 700 meters. It is well equipped. There are sheds, showers and a lot of park entertainments on the beach. Because of shallow bottom and special streams the water here gets warm early than in other places. Flat sandy bottom is perfect for swimming of children.
Nude Beach begins just after the bay. It is visited by the native inhabitants of the city. There is no sand – only rocks, but the water here is pure.
Divers can enjoy here the beautiful underwater landscape.