Vorontsov Palace in Alupka

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Built of diabase, which is mined nearby. Currently the palace is a museum. Vorontsov Palace is situated at the park - a monument of landscape art. From December 1824 to April 1851 in Alupka Vorontsov Park created a talented gardener German botanist, head gardener of the Southern coast of Crimea - Carl Kebahom Antonovich.

English style combine with Moorish style. For example, Gothic chimneys resemble minarets. The south entrance is decorated with oriental splendor. Horseshoe arch, two-story arch, carved plaster in a niche where the intertwined pattern of Tudor flower lotus motif, repeated six times completed by frieze Arabic inscription: "And there is no winner but Allah"

History of Vorontsov Palace

Before the October Revolution Vorontsov palace belonged to three generations of family Vorontsov .
After the arrival of Soviet power Vorontsov palace was nationalized .
In mid- 1921 Vorontsov Palace opened as a museum.
In 1941, the Great Patriotic War . Evacuate the exhibits of Alupka , and indeed of many other museums of Crimea did not have time . Twice Museum danger of destruction , and both times saved him senior researcher museum SG Shchekoldin . Occupants taken many art treasures , including 537 paintings and drawings , and only a small part of the pictures was able to find after the war and return to the palace.
From 4 to 11 February 1945 , at the Yalta Conference , Vorontsov Palace became the residence of the British delegation , headed by Winston Churchill .
From 1945 to 1955 it was used as a public garden .
In 1956, the government decided in the palace again became operational museum.
Since 1990 - Alupka Palace and Park Museum .