In any case, such a proposal was received from Germany to Russia from those whose parents once lived near Simferopol. Speech on lush green gardens and vineyards village Kol'chugino.

In the 19th century it was founded by settlers from Alsace and the Rhenish Bavaria. During this time, the Russian Empire gave them land and get rid of the tax.

That the descendants of the Crimean Germans are ready to offer modern Russia, our correspondent learned Simon Eremin.

Kol'chugino village. It is on the road from Simferopol to seaside Nikolaevka. The gentle curves of the hills of the Crimean foothills with groves and meadows. Two hundred years ago, nature was the same here. And the first German settlers, winemakers from Swabia saw her exclaimed: "Kronental!" This word in Russian means "Valley of the Kings." It was the first name of the settlement.

Two main streets remained almost intact. Not without pride in their ancestors Lydia Zverinskaya by Goldfarb grandfather, talks about the chapter house colony Schneider.

With the assistance of Catherine the Great, and then Alexander the Great "for any useful state of economic activity and trade" colonists settled thoroughly.

House Schneider and now needs no water supply. Well filled as soon as it cleared. Example German stewardship. These wells have been here in every home. As large cellars. The house Schneider it was turned into an ethnographic museum.

Here and remember their heroes. Hospital Kol'chugino acts since 1891. Built through the efforts of doctor Maria Schlee. On a plot of 98 settlements she worked for 12 years. For wear.

Believe, not without the help of God. There are still open Catholic churches. Evangelical Lutheran church has long turned into an Orthodox. Between them - still very new monument.

Kronental, Friedenthal, Rosenthal, Tsyurihial, Heilbrunn, Sudak and Gertsenberg August 41 emptied in two days. 60,000 Germans were deported to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And now, as soon as the Crimea to Russia, they are rehabilitated by presidential decree. As well as representatives of other deported peoples.

Such calls Yuri Hempel, head of the German Society of Crimea "Vidergeburd" now takes on a daily basis. From those who want to come back more often, of course, are the descendants of the evicted. From Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and even Germany. The list has 1,000 families.

"Vidergeburd" means "rebirth". And in a society rely on the federal program that will help build a new Kronental.

The real treasure found the staff of the Federal Security Service (FSS) in one of the residences of the former state of Ukraine, located in the Crimea. After the annexation of the peninsula several residences taken over by the FSO. The inventory and the treasure was found.

Products Carl Faberge, Roman sculptures, Slavic bowls of silver and crystal - these and many other values will be transferred on December 18 Livadia Palace.

"Our employees in the Crimea began to make an inventory of stock and that one of the residences we found shelves filled with strange objects. Some of the things were on the ground - for example, a small (about one meter) sculpture of a girl with a book in his hands. It later turned out that the statue marble, and even the work of the Roman masters, "- said" Moskovsky Komsomolets "in the department.

And FSO staff failed to recognize several finds, their origin and purpose has been established already in the museum.

"Amazingly beautiful object - Advisor to the Director of FSO, the Kremlin historian, Professor Sergey Deviatov examines the journalist edition pictures findings. - See how clearly stamped stamp? It says that it is the product of world famous jeweler Carl Faberge, which was the supplier of the imperial court. That he is the finest work product - the silver bucket, stylized ancient Russian Bratina (boat-shaped vessel for drinking at banquets and at the wake, designed for all the brethren, hence the name). But the unique vases with silver-rimmed production of the XIX century, the sculpture of the Roman era. "

Employees FSO everything else found the property inventory in them, such as bucket Faberge means "flower stands."

Experts led four versions of how the treasures were in residence. One - the most mysterious - they found somewhere in the Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR and hid in the Crimea to the Ukrainian government. To Ukrainian presidents and prime ministers, arriving in the Crimea, "on silver and gold ate like kings and emperors." And there are suspicions that after Maidana rare things prepared for illegal export.

"FSO transmits them to the Livadia Palace - says the ninth. - They will be put into the so-called scientific revolution and become the all-Russian heritage. "

from  ruposters.ru
During the census in Crimean Federal District found 11 settlements in which no single person lives. Such data today at a press conference led head Krymstata Olga Baldin.

According to her, this rural settlements, where one of the main problems - employment. In the census of inhabitants were found in the villages of Rose Hill and Bakhchsarai area, Tarasivka, transparency and Volodino Dzhankoysky areas, water Kirov district, Kholmova Krasnogvardeisky district and in several villages Day, Saki and the Soviet areas.

According to the census, the Crimean Federal District there are 77 villages with a population of up to 50 people, including 74 in the Republic of Crimea, 89 villages with a population of 100 people, including 88 in the ROK and 374 villages with a population of 500 people, including 361 in the RK.

All according to the census in the Crimean village Federal District 1042, of which 1003 in the Republic of Crimea and 39 in the city of Sevastopol under federal jurisdiction.



The best way to see the situation not from the news but from  someone  local, who lives in Crimea.
Dmitry living in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea,

The situation in our region is radically different from how it is described in the Western TV channels, newspapers, blogs, etc. We should also mention the American media. Everyone is trying to show, and most importantly, to prove that we have occupied the local population lives in fear. And if you believe them, and take everything seriously, the picture would be something like this: we were not grieve, rejoice changes in Ukraine, armed clashes and the new government (which by the way can talk separately), vehemently supported the position Euromaidan, and here in one day, without warning us attacking aggressive Russia, occupying the Supreme Council of Crimea, the Ministry of Justice, etc.

In fact, everything is completely different! Crimean people were forced to defend themselves against internal aggressors and was scared not Russia, and the events taking place in Kiev and western Ukraine. Came to power by radical neo-Nazis, in which nothing is sacred ... They kill representatives of the law (which carry out the order, and give the country's debt, which serve!), Removal of the monument, exciting city, robbing stores, beating all who do not recognize their authority , fiercely hated Russian and Russian language!
Such a government we do not recognize, it is not legitimate. And the adoption of laws carry no legal force. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine laws simply dies. Party representatives voted on the cards of those who is not even there. Dissatisfied beaten in the toilets of the Verkhovna Rada, and then shout in one voice that the majority of the votes collected and take another law.
Those who were at the beginning of "peaceful protesters", today - internal aggressors who call themselves heroes hostilities - pathetic absurdity!
To date, a series of seizures of administrative buildings and came to the south-east of the country. It scared us. Illegal fascist organization "Right Sector" armed to the teeth! In this situation, the people of Crimea appealed to Russia for help. And you have no idea how we were delighted when she came !!! Residents of the city bowed to them, thank you, gave flowers, photographed. Russian troops no one is afraid, city living, as before, transport rides, cafes, bars and restaurants are open. We even photographed the couple come to our defenders! Thank you Russia for this!
- The opposition continued armed clashes?
In connection with the situation in the city formed self-defense units who follow the rule of law. We are ready to provocations, they will surely be ... But we will not allow corrupt Western media present it as they do now. Now we are beginning to actively outreach activities: going to do reports, write articles and publish them on the Internet, blogs and social. network will communicate the press, with the people of Crimea - finally give the world the truth about the situation in Ukraine.

- How to behave imposed by Russian troops?
If I say that they just stand quietly in silence - then I'll lie. They are very polite, quite aggressive. There was a case when they blocked the passage of an elderly man, and when he asked to give way, they are not only easy to fulfill his request, but also helped with his luggage. (This was in the central area of the airport in Simferopol). So we are grateful to the Russian troops. Thank you that have left us in this difficult moment!


Lot of people who comes in Crimea, this there are only Yalta beaches  and Sevastopol
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Is Belyaus between Evpatoria (60 km) and the village. The Black Sea (20 km). The nearest town - Znamenskoye, Thunder, Medvedev Okunevka.
On the spit are excavations of the ancient Greco-Scythian settlement, where you can touch the ancient times and walk around the powerful, well-preserved stone slabs, many archaeological finds of this settlement are presented in the museum p.Chernomorskoe.

Spit Belyaus - about 10 kilometers clean sandy beach with a strip of trees and shrubs in the shade where travelers leave their cars. Turquoise-blue sea spit forms sandbanks and lagoons, thereby making an unusually beautiful beach.

Anyone who happens to Belyaus, wins the purity and transparency of the sea. At this point, the sea warms up quickly enough, although we have seen periodically changing trends, due to which water may be cold, but it happens rarely and briefly. Even during the storm water is as clean and transparent, because in no sand clay, such as the beaches of Yalta.

Another of the advantages of braids Belyaus - there are usually a few people on the beach, even in peak season. For this he was like most of the rest. Always enough free space sand for everyone to bask under the warm rays of the summer sun.

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Funny story happen to one of my friend, who used to help to others, how we found out - that a lady scammer from Kiev, got money from good person.

He met her on the website, where all people who sick with a cancer, post their adds and asking for help.
Last night he asked me the rules of Ukraine Hospitals on the matter of people who has cancer.
may be it was wrong from me, but I told to my friend, to ask her copy of the passport and papers from the clinic, the results of the test.

She said she had a Stomack cancer, when she sent the documents ( he resent it to me) - what I saw, it was a problems with ovarians - she got a cyst on ovary. ( Bening Tumor)  , it was other @CANCER@  ( why did she lie??)

the cost of such operation is max 2000$ in Kiev in the best hospital, could be made by best professors of Ukraine.  ( she wanted min 10 000$)
2000 - includes:

  • Money for the doctors ( black way of course) 
  • Medicine
  • food 
  • and all kind of tests. 

This illness easy to operate and she asked a lot of money for her operation.... why??? other question...
I know - this is the only the best hospital and amazing professors in Kiev.

So when he asked her the documents and proofs, she got anry and mad. When he told her, from the documents, as what I saw - from the papers, she got more mad :)) and realized, she can't get any more cash from him.

What I also saw- the hand who keep a papers - is male's one, and thin.
By her pic- I saw- she has fat fingers :) this makes me feel strange... and doubt...

So please if  you want to help to someone, be sure you know this person and don't easly trust.
as Lot of men in internet registering from the name of the girl , one girl they hire - as girl have to cash the money, they use their names and after just get the $ and leave.
On the question- to send her copy of passport- she refused... of course- scammer will never send real information about themselves.

I could post some images too, but I won't because of her privacy...
may be if you ask, I may post her image, so all you know in face real good looking scammers :)

Dear visitor !
I just wanted to share a story which happen to me and my foreign friend on the way from Odessa ( Ukraine) to Kiev.
Few days ago, my friend who was drived a car, has been stopped by traffic police. When the policeman saw that my friend is foreigner- he asked him to pay 5000 UAH , which is about 300$ .
The policeman asked my friend - to get into their car!
( NEVER DO IT)! don't even leave a car , just show the docs on the car and wait.

1st rule of the road in Ukraine - don't rush
2nd - if you by rented car- tell them to fill protocol , don't  be lazy as my friend :)
3rd- don't hurry much ;)  max speed limit on the road , where is located small villages, is 60 km per hour.

So if you are Ukrainian policeman - and you read it now- i left you a number of the car :)  just check closer :) may be they are your friends ???  or the same as you?


The Legends

In far-off days right on the coast there settled a herd of enormous beasts. An old and formidable bear was their leader.Once the bears returned after their raid and found wreckages of a ship on the coast. There was a packet among them. The leader had unwrapped it and saw a little girl. The girl began to live among the bears. The years went by, she was growing up, and turned into a beautiful young girl... Once, not far from the bears' lair, a boat with a handsome youth had been washed ashore. The storm had been bearing the boat along over the waves for a long time until it had cast it on the Crimean Shore. The girl carried the youth to a lonely spot. Many times she brought him food and drink. The youth narrated her how people in his own country lived. The girl sang him her favourite songs. And ardent love came into their hearts. The youth had already recovered his strength, he made a mast and a sail - the loving couple decided to leave the bears' coast. And the wide blue smooth had already set between the boat and coastal rocks. Then, the bears returned after the distant march and they did not find the girl. The leader looked at the sea and bellowed furiously. He hung his huge maw down into the blue moisture and began breathing the water in with force. The other bears followed his example. The current was carrying the boat back to the shore. Then the girl began singing. The bears tore their heads away from the water and were listening to the singing with delight. Only the old bear did not want to leave the coast, he continued lying peering into the distance, where the boat with the creature, he had become attached to, was vanishing. And for thousand years the bear has been liying on the coast. His powerful body turned into stone. His strong sides turned into sheer precipices, the head turned into the sharp rock, thick hair - into the dense forest. The old bear-leader became Bear-Mountain. Bear-Mountain (Ayu-dag) - is situated on the Southern Coast of Crimea to the east of Gurzuf. The height of the mountain - 565 meters.